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Logistic Services

Aggarwalmoverspackers.in offers a host of logistic services and supply chain management solutions. Our professionally managed logistic facilities comprise committed people, processes, and innovative technology. With many years of experience in movement, we understand how vital logistic is for the businesses.

Our efficient logistic support streamlines production, inventory, supply, and distribution. We serve our clients not as a third party but serve as a partner in their growth. We understand the central role that logistics plays in the economy. It is a complex operation that streamlines the flow of goods from procurement to production and from inventory to the point of consumption.

Comprehensive Logistic Services

We offer flexible logistic services to suit every small and medium business as well larger corporates. Our customer base comprises of retailers to large industries and warehouses. Aggarwalmoverspackersin is a single stop solution for all kinds of logistics and support services.

• Transportation services
• Warehousing services
• Trans-shipment logistic
• Packing and re-packing logistic
• Inventory management

We have a glorious history of fruitful partnership with a large number of industries. We are meeting the specialized needs of every business.

Industries We Serve

Whether you are a factory or a distributor, we understand your needs and work with accurate coordination. We cater to the needs of cold chain management and other specialized distribution. From the time of our inception, we have got excellent opportunities to serve a variety of industries. The major industries we serve are here.

• Retailers
• Food and confectionary
• Cold storages and warehouses
• Healthcare
• Pharmaceuticals
• Electronics and office equipment
• Construction industry
• Hotel industry
• Automotive industry

Besides above listed, we are partnering with many other industries as their third-party logistics service. Having worked with different segments, we are well-versed with their standards of storing and warehousing.

Quality Controlled Logistic and Distribution

Every industry has its unique needs and standards. Storage, distribution, and transit need to be complying quality standards. Our strong infrastructure and learned professionals make controlled logistics possible. Our logistic support complies with a set of regulations as per industry standards and as per client-specific request.

What makes us stand apart from our competitors is our quality-backed organized services and faster time-around-time. The structure and model of our services are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients. Being a leading packing, moving, and warehousing company, we know all the ins and outs of storing and moving. Our quality controlled processes move the goods with specific storage requirements.

Our USPs

Our strong business values make us one of the best logistics service providers in India. The network of our support extends to all the four directions and all the major locations.

Our Key Strengths

• A wide range of quality management
• Timely pick-up and delivery
• The door to door services
• Ability to handle huge and complex operations
• Experienced team to handle different processes
• Compliance with health and safety, and other industrial norms
• Transparent pricing models
• Long-term closely-knit partnership

We work for primary, secondary, and final distribution chain. Aggarwalmoverspackrs.in is leading the distribution and supply chain industry with best transportation facilities. Our large fleet of well-equipped trucks, trailers, tempos, and SUVs make the movement of all types of goods simple and affordable.